My Sports Pulse GREEN

My Sports Pulse Game Mechanics


My Sports Pulse is an interactive educational game designed to help students understand the math and science principles behind their favorite sports. Participants answer sports-related math and science questions via text message. One of the most exciting elements of My Sports Pulse is the chance to earn prizes like sports memorabilia, meet professional athletes, or even win tickets to the Beijing Olympics.

It’s easy for students to get involved. Once they register at they will begin receiving math and science questions on their cell phones. The more questions they answer correctly, they better chance they have to win.



During the contest period players will be eligible to receive 30 questions. When the player responds with an answer, My Sports Pulse software determines if the answer is correct and then gives the player feedback. The software keeps score throughout the contest and, at the end, the player with the highest score wins.



While prizes are reserved for the top players, there will be many prizes available. So even if a player misses a couple of questions, they still have a chance to win. And for those who have missed questions, bonus questions can improve their score. 


Bonus Questions

In addition to the regular season questions, players who refer additional players to My Sports Pulse  will qualify for special bonus questions. For every five new players a player refers to My Sports Pulse, that player will receive one bonus question. These questions can help a player achieve a come-from-behind victory. 




The Soccer goal is 7.32 X 2.44 meters. How many square meters are available for you to shoot at?

The player replies to the text message with the number of their answer, in this case “1”.

The player would then receive a message telling them how they did:
“Correct! You earn 5 points for this question! Visit for more information!”